Vladimir Aleksandrovich VISHNEVSKIY (to the 80-anniversary from birthday)

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7 Feb 2017 80 years the famous surgeon, one of the founders of the national surgical Hepatology and pancreatic-ogy, Professor Vladimir Alexandrovich Vishnevsky.
After graduating with honors in 1960 in Kyiv medical Institute Vladimir Aleksandrovich worked as a surgeon and chief surgeon of CRH in the Luhansk region. Since 1966 works at the Institute of surgery named. A.V. Vishnevsky, starting with the graduate student, then as a Junior, senior, leading researcher, head of the Department. In 1969 V. A. Wisniewski defended his thesis on "Galeotti anastomoses in the surgery of inflammatory diseases of the biliary tract". In 1991 Vladimir defended his doctoral thesis "Improvement of methods of surgical treatment of focal liver formations" and in the same year, he headed the Department of surgery of the liver and pancreas.
V. A. Vishnevsky is one of the founders of the national surgical Hepatology, reconstructive surgery of injuries and a high strictures of the bile ducts. With the scientific and organizational activity of V. A. Vishnevsky associated with the formation of modern ideology in the domestic surgery of primary and metastatic-ing lesions of the liver, tumors of the gate and parasitic lesions of the liver, surgical treatment of pancreatic diseases. He developed and introduced into practice methods of radical surgical treatment of cancer of the proximal bile ducts. Under the leadership of V. A. Vishnevsky developed and introduced minimally invasive percutaneous and laparoscopic methods of treatment of cysts, abscesses of the liver and radical surgery for hydatid cyst of the liver. He was the first in the country made pancreatectomy, one of the first in Russia has accumulated great experience pancreaticoduodenal resections, and other types of interventions on the pancreas. V. A. Wisniewski is the author of over 500 scientific papers and 6 monographs, textbooks and manuals, including: "Postoperative biliary tract disease", "Benign liver tumor", "pancreatic Cancer", "Surgery PA liver", etc.
He has supervised 11 doctoral and 21 candidate's dissertation. For outstanding merits in development of domestic science, training of highly qualified medical and scientific personnel Professor V. A. Vishnevsky was awarded the order "badge of Honor" and the medal of Honor, medals. Vladimir is a laureate of the State prize of Russia, prize of the RF Government. Recognition of authority of the V. A. Vishnevsky among colleagues was his election in 2003 the President of the Association of surgeons-hepatologists of Russia and CIS countries. Professor V. A. Wisniewski is the Deputy editor-in-chief of the journal "Annals of surgical Hepatology", a member of the International and European Association of surgeons-hepatologists, a member of the editorial Board of three surgical journals, academic boards of universities. Vladimir Aleksandrovich honorary Professor and academician of several foreign academies and scientific centers of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Belarus, awarded with award of the International Association of surgeons, gastroenterologists and oncologists (IASGO) "For outstanding contribution in the field of treatment of liver diseases and surgical Hepatology".
The editorial staff of the journal "Vestnik of experimental and clinical coy surgery" congratulates Vladimir Alexandrovich on the occasion of significant Anniversary and wishes him strong health and further success in clinical and scholarly activities.

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