SHAMOV Vladimir Nikolaevich (1882-1962). To the 135th of the birthday

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Shamov, Vladimir Nikolaevich (1882-1962) – an outstanding Soviet surgeon, neurosurgeon, transfuziolog, academician of the USSR (1945), honored scientist of the RSFSR and the Ukrainian SSR, General-Lieutenant of medical service, laureate of the Lenin prize (1962); awarded the order of Lenin (twice), red banner (twice), red banner, red Star and medals of the USSR.
Born may 22, 1882 in Menzelinsk, Ufa governorate (now Tatarstan). In 1908 he graduated from the Military medical Academy. In 1911 he defended his doctoral thesis on the topic: "the importance of physical methods for surgery of malignant tumors".

From 1914 to 1923 V. N. Shamov – senior assistant in the Department of Fedorov. In 1919 he received isohemagglutinins serum for the determination of blood groups and for the first time the country produced a blood transfusion given group membership. In 1923, V. N. Shamov was elected as head of the Department of surgery of the Kharkov medical Institute and the surgical clinic of the Ukrainian Institute of experimental medicine. In 1926, he reported he developed a method of complete isolation from neural connections of the small intestine, derived under the skin, and transferring it to the blood supply of the subcutaneous vessels. In 1928, V. N. Shamov proposed and successfully conducted the transfusion of cadaveric blood. In 1930, he organized the second in the USSR and in the world Institute of blood transfusion and emergency surgery, and became its Director. In 1935 he was awarded the title of honored Worker of science. In the years 1939-1958 V. N. Shamov headed the Department of hospital surgery of the Military medical Academy, he was the scientific Director of the Leningrad Institute of blood transfusion (1939-1941). During world war II – General-Lieutenant of medical service, Deputy chief surgeon of the red Army, in 1945 – the chief surgeon of the Supreme command of the far Eastern front. In October 1945, he was elected a full member of the USSR AMS. Since 1947 – was also the Director of the Leningrad research neurosurgical Institute them. A. L. Polenov, surgeon-in-chief of the RSFSR. Since 1958 Professor-consultant of the Military medical Academy. In 1962, V. N. Shamov became a laureate of the Lenin prize for development and introduction in practice of the method of preparation and use fibrinoliticescoy blood.

  1. N. Shamov for the first time in the country performed periarterial sympathectomy and surgery choroidal plexuses of the ventricles of the brain; developed method pregrading plasty of the esophagus isolated loop of the small intestine, raised the question of limitation contraindications for surgical interventions in the elderly. He was one of the first applied with the purpose of anesthesia, controlled hypotension and hypothermia anesthesia gas nitrous oxide, etc.; successfully completed one-step pankreatoduodenektomiyu in pancreatic cancer; described the clinical picture of tumors of cortex and medulla of the adrenal glands.

V.N. Shamov was a member of the Board of the all-Union society of surgeons and the International Association of surgeons, Chairman of the Surgical society. N.I.Pirogov, the Chairman of the organizing Bureau of the 24th all-Union Congress of surgeons, member of the scientific medical Council of Ministry of health of the USSR. More than 20 of his students became heads of departments of medical Universities. V. N. Shamov awarded the order of Lenin twice red banner (twice); the red banner of Labour, red Star, medals of the USSR. Died V.N. Shamov in Leningrad on 30 March 1962.

In memory of academician V. N. The Shamov in St. Petersburg on the building of the Military medical Academy and Neurosurgical Institute. Professor A. L. Polenov installed a memorial plaque, a bust of Lieutenant General of medical service V. N. Shamova installed in the courtyard of the St. Petersburg blood transfusion center, one of the streets of the city of Menzelinsk were named after academician V. N. Shamova.

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