STRUCHKOV Viktor Ivanovich (to the 110th of birthday)

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Viktor Ivanovich Struchkov was born 30 July (12 August) 1907 year in Ryazhsk Ryazan region. After graduating from the 2nd Moscow medical Institute V. I. Struchkov worked as a resident surgeon, and then head of the surgical Department in Voskresensk Interdistrict hospital in Moscow region (1931-1941). During the great Patriotic war, he was a leading surgeon (1941), the chief inspector and a specialist of the 21st army, the army surgeon of the 13th army in Bryansk and 1st Ukrainian front (1942-1945). In 1946, V. I. Struchkov with the rank of Colonel of medical service was transferred to reserves and became an assistant of the hospital surgical clinic, then became an associate Professor of operative surgery, since 1951 – Professor, and since 1953 – the head of the Department of General surgery of the 1st Moscow medical Institute. I. M. Sechenov, while working as chief surgeon of the Ministry of health of the USSR (1949-1965). In 1946 he defended his thesis, and in 1949 – his doctoral dissertation. In 1961, V. I. Struchkov was awarded the Lenin prize. In 1965, his monograph on "tumors of the lung" is awarded the prize. S. I. Spasokukotskogo of medical Sciences of the USSR, and Viktor Ivanovich became an academician of the USSR AMS. 1966-1976 Struchkov V. I. – academician-Secretary of the Presidium of the USSR AMS. His textbook "General surgery" was awarded the state prize of the USSR in 1975. In 1977 Victor Ivanovich was awarded the Title of hero of Socialist Labor.

Viktor Ivanovich Struchkov died on December 25, 1988. He has created a school of more than 45 doctors and 140 candidates of medical Sciences, he published more than 400 scientific works, including 33 monographs. He was the Deputy Chairman of the all-Union scientific society of surgeons, chief editor of the journal "Thoracic surgery", an honorary member of the Medical society of the name of J. Purkinje (Czechoslovakia), foreign, national and regional societies of surgeons, holder of two orders of Lenin, October Revolution, red banner, Patriotic war 1-St and 2-nd degree, two orders of Labour red banner, Friendship of peoples, the red Star, awarded with numerous medals.

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