Organisation of the Student’s Scientific Work in a Surgical Hospital


Relevance Student’s scientific work is an obligatory part of education in the medical university as it is stated in modern
requirements of the third generation standard in highest professional medical education.
The purpose of the study The student’s scientific work in a surgical hospital has to be improved.
Materials and methods The student’s scientific society of the general surgery department of the Kursk state medical university is
an investigated object. Scientific motivation, basic trends, types of stimulation, and methods of student’s scientific work are chosen
by authors as an investigated subject. The method of content analysis is placed in the basis of the study.
Results and their discussion Annually, the society has 16 conferences, in which 40 to 50 students take part. In the past five years
the department has completed 228 term scientific works and 15 final course scientific works. They were aimed on diagnosis and
treatment of surgical diseases. It has to be emphasized that the number of accomplished scientific works has increased. So, 38 term
scientific works had been completed in 2008, whereas in 2012 this number had risen to 48. Each year, 10% to 19% of all students
are free of passing final term exams as a result of sufficient education rating. Highest education results are detected in students that
are involved in the term scientific works. As a result the average score mark in final term exams of medical faculty students is 3,8,
whereas those involved in scientific work the score has sored to 4,8.
Conclusion The offered organization of student’s scientific work is effective and sufficient to get additional knowledge in surgery.
Key words Student’s scientific society, organization of work, assessment of efficacy

Kursk State Medical University, 3 K.Marksa Str., Kursk, 305041, Russian Federation

Author for correspondence.

MD, Prof., head of the department of General Surgery Kursk State Medical University.

Kursk State Medical University, 3 K.Marksa Str., Kursk, 305041, Russian Federation


Ph.D., Docent of the department of General Surgery Kursk State Medical University

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