Clinical Supervision of the Restrained Hernia of the Obturator Channel

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Relevance Obturator hernias in a surgical practice meet extremely seldom. In a world practice it is described only 600 cases of hernias obturator apertures. Hernias obturator the channel make 0,05 % of hernias of a belly wall. To diagnose obturatoria a hernia very inconveniently. Being complex diagnostic cases, hernias obturator the channel come to light at a stage of complications and are accompanied high death rate. Death rate at the given pathology makes from 12 % up to 70 %, with postoperative complications in 11,6 % cases. The greatest supervision of the given pathology the Japanese colleagues have.

Materials and methods The review of the literature and one author’s supervision of a hernia obturator the channel Is presented. The analyzed clinical material confirms, that owing to rare occurrence and scarcity of clinical displays obturatoria the hernia is a complex diagnostic case. The final diagnosis has been established during operative intervention, executed resexshin eunae.  Lean gut with imposing anastomosis, but in the early postoperative period on a background of depression hemodynamic there has come a lethal outcome.

Conclusion Obturator hernias in view of rare occurrence and scarcity of clinical displays are complex diagnostic cases. The knowledge of symptoms characteristic for the given pathology, including HRS a symptom and use of a computer tomography of a stomach and a basin has extremely great value, in many respects defining an outcome of disease.


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MD, Assoc., Head of the surgical department of the Arkhangelsk City Clinical Hospital № 7, Associate Professor of Surgery Hospital, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk

Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

MD, Assoc. Department of Hospital Surgery, Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk


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