The CT-scan place in diagnosing and medical tactic choose in case of the abdominal and retroperitoneal trauma in children


There is work experience of emergency surgical children hospital in perfection of abdominal trauma diagnosing in children presented. The perfection was done on the ground of implementation abdominal and retroperitoneal organs CT-scan, which was done in 98 cases. CT-scan of injuring areas was carried out in emergency (35,6%) and postponed (64,4%) order before and after contrast enchancement. Clinically disguised combined and multiple damages were discovered in 18 cases. Ascertainment of organ breakage degree was based on determination of injuring parenchyma part in per cent. Abdominal and retroperitoneal organs CT-scan in case of conservative treatment, laparascopic and open surgery affects markedly on completeness and authenticity of fi nal clinical diagnosis.

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