The Justification of Surgery Treatment of Chronic Tonsillitis


Relevance There is a high prevalence of chronic tonsillitis, which is one of the most important problem of otorhinolaryngology and many others clinical disciplines. There is a correlation between chronic tonsillitis as a pathological factor and different diseases of visceral organs and systems. It’s known that in development of chronic tonsillitis except some local complications (lymphadenitis, paratonsillits) there are some general diseases: an intoxication, rheumatic affection of the heart, joints, nephritis, sepsis and others.
Results of completed researches of functional activity and a functional reserve palatal tonsils shows active involvement of palatal tonsils in organization of local (in fauces) and general protection reactions. Considering that children with removed tonsillitis have high morbidity of infection diseases they have severe course of acute respiratory infections, which often complicated of tracheobronchitis and frequently pneumonia. In this connection, indications for the tonsillectomy must be more strictly.
The purpose of the study Improving diagnosis of chronic tonsillitis based on the study of the functional activity and the functional reserve of the tonsils to justify holding tonsillectomy.
Materials and methods We examined 205 people. Surveyed were divided into 3 groups. The first reference group consisted of 20 people (9.7%). Second and third groups consisted of 40 (19,4%) and 145 (70,9 %) patients with compensated and decompensated forms of chronic tonsillitis. To study the functional reserve of the tonsils used Prednisolone trial.
Results and their discussion In difference from other groups, in the third group found a sharp reduction in the migration of lymphocytes in the lacunae of tonsils. Decompensated forms of chronic tonsillitis are characterized by low functional activity of the tonsils and the lack of functional reserve. According to results of completed researches of palatal tonsil’s functional activity and reserve, there are statements for surgical treatment.
Conclusion All patients chemotherapy is necessary to assess the functional activity and the functional reserve of the tonsils, with the aim of determining the extent of compensation and decompensation of the inflammatory process and, therefore, define the indications for surgical treatment.

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