The journal publishes original articles on clinical and experimental studies, literature reviews, brief reports on clinical observations, information on innovations, inventions and innovative projects, new methods of diagnosis and treatment, materials on the history of departments, clinics and surgical hospitals.

The Journal is included in the list of scholarly journals and publications recommended by State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation for the publication of scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.


The guidelines for presented materials


Materials should be submitted to the editor in both paper and electronic formats - Times New Roman font, size 14, in 2 intervals, with 2.5 cm margins on all sides by the editor Word for Windows.  The volume of a literature review should be up to 25 pages and the volume of original articles should be up to 30 pages. The number of authors – till 5 people.

Annotations and main text of research articles should be structured using sub-headings: the relevance, purpose, materials and methods, results and their discussion, conclusions or opinion, references.

On the first page of the text should be placed an UDC, title of the article, initials and last name of authors, the official name of the organization, followed by the text of the article and a list of references.

A link to a table in the text should look as follows: «Table 1 (2, 3 and etc.)».

A link to the picture in the text should be as follows: «Fig. 1 (2, 3 and etc.)». For photomicrographs one should indicate an amplification and a method of coloring.

Terms, units and symbols that are used in the article should be generally accepted. All symbols and abbreviations employed by authors should be defined when they are firstly mentioned in the text.

Formulas are numbered in parentheses, footnotes should be in Arabic numerals.

Quotes cited in the article should be carefully verified and include a source (a title, publisher, year, page).

All the references in the article should be indicated in brackets.

References should be as follows: for books, monographs - a list of authors, title, place of publication, year, pages; ?for articles in the journal - a list of authors, title of the article, the name of a journal, year and publication number, pages. First domestic literary sources are indicated, then foreign ones.

Materials should be carefully edited by the authors.


The package of documents to be sent to the Editor


  • an official direction from the institution where the work is done;
  • materials of the article prepared according to the above rules, signed by all authors and having the visa supervisor;
  • annotation of the article in Russian and English (the title of the article, initials and surnames, the full name of an organization, an abstract (not less than 500 characters), which briefly reflects the basic content of the work, key words;
  • information about the authors in the English and Russian languages ??(full name, academic degree, academic title, place of work, title, address). Separately, you must specify the full name of the author and his coordinates (telephone number, e-mail) for correspondence with the publisher.


Address for materials in hard copy to be sent: 394036 Russia, Voronezh, ul. Studencheskaya, 10, Voronezh State Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko. The Editorial Office of "Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery."

The electronic version of the materials must be directed to the Editorial Office by



Commemorative articles should be sent to the Editorial Office no later than 6 months before an anniversary.

The editors bear no responsibility for the accuracy of the submitted material. If the article needs to be refined, the Editorial Board will send a notification to the author. The Editorial Board reserves the right to correct the text of the article. The articles previously published or submitted to another journal can not be sent.? The articles, which are not in accordance with the above rules, will not be returned to its author.

Publication fees for manuscripts submitted by graduate students (without co-authers) will not be charged.


All additional information can be obtained from the Editorial Office: phone (473) 251-67-53


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