Prosthetic hernioplasty of umbilical hernias: outpatient experience


Despite the fact that the treatment of umbilical hernias is a common and relatively simple operation, there is no single standard. Traditionally used surgical interventions allow recurrences to 40% during the first year after surgery, with a small difference in hernia of large and small sizes. The solution of this problem is associated with the spread of prosthetic methods. The article summarizes the experience of treating 558 patients with umbilical hernias, including 318 patients for whom prosthetic hernioplasty by the original method was used. It is noteworthy that their treatment was carried out in the outpatient ambulatory surgical center. Due to this fact the author concludes that the possibility of organizing a broad and qualitative planned renovation of patients, suffering from umbilical hernias, in outpatient centers is real.

Surgut state University KHMAO-Ugra; clinical polyclinic №1, Surgut

Author for correspondence.

Russian Federation candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor of Department of hospital surgery at the medical Institute of Surgut thstate University of KHMAO-Yugra, Dean
faculty of postgraduate education, headsuper center ambulatory surgery clinical sotion of the city polyclinic №1 of the city of Surgut,

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