Magnetolasertherapy and miliacylum in the treatment of trophic ulcers in lower extremities

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The study was undertaken to determine the clinical effect of local combined use of miliacylum and magnetolazertheraphy in complex treatment of lower extremeties trophic ulcers of differet genesis. Two hundred twenty-six patients with trophic ulcers have been examined. It was established that the of trophic ulcers treatment proved to be more successful with combined use of miliacylum end magnetolazertheraphy than with the use of 1% dioxidine solutions and hyppophae oil, miliacylum alone or, combination of miliacylum and lazer beams. The mean period inpatient treatment was reduced at 2,5; 1,5 u 1,1 times respectively.

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Orenburg state medical Academy

Author for correspondence.
PhD, associate Professor of Department of faculty surgery of the Orenburg state medical Academy Russian Federation


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