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Endoprosthesis surgery of the abdominal wall remains one of the important problems in the prevention and treatment of ventral hernias, the decease that about 5 million Russians have. This paper contains an analytical overview of current abdominal wall implant methods. Comparative analysis of implants’ scientific biocompatibility shows that among different materials based on polyvinylidene fluoride, polypropylene and polytetrafluoroethylene, polyvinylidene fluoride implants are the most intact. Experimentally proved that the injection of embryo fibroblast cell culture near the implant helps to reduce the inflammation and accelerate the granulation tissue development. It is now possible to predict the progress of implant tissue response based on the cytokine profile dynamics, temperature, leukocyte and exudative reactions. It is shown that the implantation of the prosthesis in the infected wound increases the leukocyte-macrophage response to inflammation, which leads to the prosthesis implantation lengthening during serous inflammation and complete adaptation failure in case of phlegmonous inflammation. For the first time tissue reaction and the propylpropylene implant application for abdominal wall surgery in contact with sterile and contaminated urine were studied. Clinical and ultrasound parameters of the anatomical and functional failure of the abdominal wall were present. The first grade characteristics are abdominal deformation, moderate thinning and muscle expansion of white and semilunar abdominal lines. At the second degree deformation is stronger, and dramatic thinning of the muscles and abdominal lines leads to a complete abdominal press function loss. Absolute indication for preventive abdominal wall implant during surgery on the abdominal and retroperitoneal space is anatomical and functional failure of the second degree, and relative - the first degree in combination with other factors producing postoperative hernias.

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Kursk State Medical University, 3 K. Marksa Str., Kursk, 305041, Russian Federation

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MD, Prof., Head of the department of General Surgery Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University, 3 K. Marksa Str., Kursk, 305041, Russian Federation

Email: obhirurgiya@gmail.com
Ph.D., Assistant of the department of General Surgery Kursk State Medical University


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