GREKOV Ivan Ivanovich (1867-1934). The 150th of the birthday

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Ivan Ivanovich Grekov (1867-1934) – an outstanding Russian surgeon, a talented organizer and teacher, doctor of medical science (1901), Professor (1915), honorary Chairman of the Surgical society N.I.Pirogov (1920), chief editor scientific medical journal "Vestnik of surgery and border areas" (1922-1934), Chairman of the XVI all-Russian Congress of surgeons (1924), the chief doctor of Obukhovskaya hospital (1927-1934), honored scientist of the RSFSR (1932).

I.I. Grekov was born on 5 (17) March, 1867, on a farm Tomilino Bogucharsky district, Voronezh province. In 1876 he entered and in 1885 graduated from Novocherkassk men's gymnasium, and was admitted to the Moscow University. In 1890 for participation in student riots Ivan was expelled from the University, but later continued her studies at the medical faculty of Yuryev University, and in 1894 he was awarded the title of doctor.

In 1895 I.I.Grekov worked in the Obukhov hospital in St. Petersburg: first – supernumerary resident since 1905 head of the surgical Department, from 1927 to 1934 – the chief physician. In 1901 he defended his doctoral thesis: "Materials for the issue of bone defects of the skull and their treatment."
In 1903 I. I. Grekov performs world's first successful suturing wounds of the heart. I. I. Grekov for the first time in Russia performed the intraoperative dissection of the cavity of the heart, pankreatectomia, one of the first made expeditious treatment of the stomach the methods of Kocher, Billroth–I and Billroth–II operation to create an artificial esophagus by the method of Roux–Herzen, has developed a technique tamponade of the abdominal cavity, restoration of the cruciate ligaments of the knee joint broad fascia of the thigh; method of resection of the sigmoid and descending colon intestines (Greek I and Greek II).
In 1915, Smith was elected Professor of the hospital surgery chair of the Psychoneurological Institute (from 1930 – 2nd Leningrad medical Institute). From 1918 to 1924 I. I. Grekov was Chairman, and in 1920 Honorary Chairman of the Surgical society N.I. Pirogov. In 1922, on the initiative of I. I. Grekov was resumed publication of the journal "Vestnik of surgery and border areas", whose editor he was from 1922 to 1934. In 1924, Ivan was unanimously elected President of the XVI Congress of Russian surgeons; in 1925, 1927 and 1929 – the Chairman of the congresses of surgeons of North Caucasus. In 1932, I. I. Grekov was awarded the title of honored scientist of the RSFSR.

I.I. Grekov died 11 Feb 1934 and was buried at the Communist platform of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

I.I. Grekov is the author of over 150 scientific works, devoted to problems of thoracic, cardiovascular, vascular, and emergency surgery, surgical infection.
In memory of I. I. Grekov since 1934, the journal "Vestnik of surgery and border areas" was renamed to "Vestnik of surgery named by I.I.Grekova"; on the former Obukhovskaya hospital in 1969, a memorial plaque; Department of surgery North-Western state medical University named by I.I.Mechnikov, first head and founder of which he was given the name of I.I.Grekov

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