LISTER Joseph (1827-1912). To the 190th of the birthday

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Joseph Lister – the largest English surgeon and scientist, the founder of antiseptics, President of the Royal society of surgeons, a member of the house of lords. Joseph Lister was born on 5 apr 1827 in England. In 1844 he graduated from high school, and in 1852, the medical faculty of the University of London and was appointed resident assistant College University hospital. The first scientific work of Lister was published in 1852 and was dedicated to the structure of the iris of the eye and its muscles. Soon Lister began working in the clinic of Professor George. Syme in Edinburgh and published lectures, devoted primarily to ophthalmology. In 1855 he became a member of the Royal College of surgeons and is a Professor in the George. Saimaa. In 1858 Lister became a surgeon of the Royal hospital in Edinburgh and at the same time began to read a course of surgery at the University. On 9 March 1860 he was appointed Professor of surgery in Glasgow. In 1867 in the journal "Lancet" published articles Lister, in which he argued the idea that wound infection is called a living beginning, introduced from the outside; was presented to combat surgical infection, comprising treating hand surgeon, surgical field and instruments, disinfection of the air by atomization of a solution of carbolic acid. In 1869 Lister was transferred to the surgical clinic in Edinburgh, and in 1877 he was given the chair of clinical surgery at king's College London. In 1884 Joseph Lister was given the title of baronet, from 1895 to 1900 he was President of the Royal society of surgeons; in 1897 appointed a member of the house of lords. In 1892 he was 65 years old and, according to the law, he had to leave the Department at the Royal College. Joseph Lister was made an honorary member of numerous universities and scientific societies, was awarded the Royal medal (1880), medal of Comenius (1877), albert (1894), Copley (1902); the order of merit (1902). Died Joseph Lister, on 10 February 1912 in Walmer. In honor of Joseph Lister has been named a genus of bacteria Listeria (Listeria), he is on the English postage stamp, issued in 1966.

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