Vol 6, No 1 (2013)

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Changes of the Immune Status at Suffered from Burns, Including at Mass Accidents

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Relevance Burn injury is one of the most severe types of traumatism. In this regard, infectious complications of burn disease are significantly more likely to develop, even in patients with relatively small area burns, and mortality rate increases substantially.

The purpose of the study To detect changes in the amount of functional activity and to determine the prognostic significance of immune cells.

Materials and methods The study was conducted on 38 patients at different periods of burn disease, depending on the area of   the burn injury and its depth, in the Burn Center of the Institute of Surgery named after A.V. Vishnevsky and the City Burn Center at the 36th City Clinical Hospital. Phenotypic analysis of lymphocytes, granulocytes and monocytes (constitutive and activation markers, the functional activity of cells) was performed.

Results and their discussion In the period of acute burn toxemia in patients, significant changes in many immune parameters remain and are quite serious in 10-14 days after burn injury. In this regard, two cocurrent alternative processes are generally develop - hyperactivation of the immune system (leukocytosis with a shift of the blood count to the left, a sharp increase of granulocytes expressing the receptor of LPS and a high affinity Fcγ-receptor, increase of their oxygen metabolism, the functional activation of HLA-DR + monocytes) and its deep deficit (natural killer cells, lymphocytes, cytotoxic CD8 + T-cells, T-helpers and overall T-lymphocytes, B-lymphocytes).

Conclusion Based on the analysis of the complex immune parameters, it is possible not only to predict the course and outcome of burn disease, but also to determine the necessary treatment in patients with severe burns, immunotherapy and evaluate its effectiveness.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):9-18
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Quality of Life of Patients and after Esophagogastro- and Esophagocoloplasty

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Relevance Due to the lack of evaluation of the results of surgical interventions performed using of the specific and non-specific questionnaires by patients.

The purpose of the study To study and evaluate the quality of life of patients after esophagoplasty to justify the selection of the method esofagoplatics.

Materials and methods Quality of life was studied in 54 patients in the late postoperative period after esophagoplasty (from 1 year to 13 years) using the SF-36 and GIQLI.

Results and their discussion In comparative evaluation of both the gastrointestinal quality of life, and its individual components in patients after esophagoplasty marked lower average values in patients after esophagocoloplasty, compared with those in patients after esophagogastroplasty. The comparative performance evaluation questionnaire SF-36 values were low on the basic scales of the questionnaire and the summation results in patients after esophagocoloplasty.

Conclusion The influence of the form esophagoplasty on the quality of life is mediated by its effects, functional sults. The results indicate a significant advantage of extirpation of the esophagus with gastroplasty before coloplasty.


Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):19-24
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Comparative Characteristics of Two Ways of Formation of Invaginated End-to-Side Small-to-Large Intestinal Anastomoses in Experiments

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Relevance Surgical treatment for diseases of the distal part of the small intestine and the right part of the large intestine requires not only repair of continuity of the intestinal tube but also restoration of the lost function of iliocecal valvular apparatus.

The purpose of this study To develop a new method for forming invaginated cross kontsebokovogo tonkotolstokishechnogo anastomosis and study experimentally in comparison with that of the anastomosis in the way it Ya.D.Vitebskogo areflyuksnye, microbiological and morphological characteristics.

Materials and methods A new technique for formation of aruflux small-to-large intestinal anastomosis was suggested. Experiments on animals were performed.  The character of healing of anastomosis and its valvular properties were studied. Pneumopression and microbiology were compared with Ya.D. Vitebsky’s anastomosis.

Results and their discussion Both anastomoses have equal areflux properties. Morphology showed that the suggested anastomosis is characterized by full adaptation of mucous and submucous layers of both intestines. The healing processes are characterized by obvious reparable reactions. There were no evident processes of alteration and development of connective tissue.

Conclusion According to the results of pneumopression and microbiological studies have equal valvular properties. The main advantage of the suggested technique is primary character of healing.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):25-32
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Influence of Lymphostimulatinginjections on the Course of Reperfusion Syndrome Arose after Surgical Lower Extremity Мesselsrevasculization

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Relevance One of the most serious complications of surgical lower extremity revasculization is reperfusion syndrome, that prevention and treatment is both scientific and practical problem. Even partial blood flow restoration leads to penetration of injure tissue metabolites into the circulating course and results in change of acid and main condition of blood indexes. Actually there is no uniform tactics for treatment of reperfusion syndrome taking into account functional condition of lymphatic system drainage function and possibility of its strengthening

The purpose of the study To reveal the capabilities of lymphostimulating injections for reduction of the reperfusion syndrome expression at patients with chronic ischemia of low extremities in postoperative period.

Materials and methods 84 patients with atherosclerotic occlusion of femoral- popliteal segment after surgery in connection with life-threatening chronic ischemia were explored. The acid-base blood status indexes were investigated before surgery and on the 1th, 3th and 7th day after surgery at all patients. All patients were split up on 2 main groups: after femoral - proximal popliteal bypass or prosthetics and after femoral - distal popliteal bypass or prosthetics. Control group and research group were singled out in every main group.  Patients from control groups in postoperative period were treated in standard way. Patients from research groups in postoperative period were treated in standard way and by lymphostimulating injections in addition.

Results and their discussion By results of the study all patients from control groups had elevated level of blood pH value. In research groups blood pH value did not exceed critical exponent at all stages of observation. All patients from groups with lymphotropic injections had lower indexes of carbon dioxide level versus patients with standard treatment.  Also in research groups the severity of the operated limb edema was significantly lower than in control groups. Frequency of lymphorrhea appearance at patients from control groups was authentically higher than at patients from research groups. Hereby significant decrease of the reperfusion syndrome symptoms expression was detected at patients in research groups that is most probably caused by positive impact of  lymphostimulating  therapy on regulatory movements providing homeostasis of liquid system and tissue agents.

Conclusion In the present study the possibility of lymphostimulating injections using is shown to reduce the severity of the reperfusion syndrome. Further to standard treatment lymphostimulating injections helped to retain the acid-base status within acceptable parameters. More pronounced effect was found in the study of extremity reperfusion edema that indicated activation of lymphatic system drainage function.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):33-38
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Prevention of Arterial Hypotension with Epidural Anaesthesia During Operations on the Arteries of the Lower Limbs

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Relevance At present manuals on anaesthesia see epidural anaesthesia as a major method in surgery on the arteries of the lower limbs. However, this method can involve some risks. One of the worst complications of epidural anaesthesia is artery hypotension which can be a serious threat to patients especially with vascular problems. The authors have sought to work out some measures aimed at preventing critical incidents of haemodynamics which can lead to postoperative complications and even lethal outcome.

The purpose of the study The present study was aimed at finding the optimal methods of prevention AG heavy degree in EA at patients of the Department of vascular surgery, оперируемых on the arteries of the lower extremities, evaluation of their efficiency, safety and impact on the operational анестезиологический stress, preparation of recommendations for practical medicine.

Materials and methods The experiment involved 102 patients from vascular surgery department divided into control and main groups to bring out the effect of Gutron® (Nycomed Austria GmbH) in the main group patients whose preparation for surgery included the use of the medicament.

Results and their discussion As the findings show, Gutron® proved itself quite safe and effective in preventing severe hypotension. The paper also shows how the use of Gutron® can be effective in reducing risks of operational stress. There is also evidence that intraoperational medicament and infusion pressure tends to be reduced as a result of stabilized haemodynamics.

Сonclusion The authors provide some practical recommendations for anaesthesiologists on the use of artery hypotension prevention programs. The authors are not interested in commercial or any other benefits from pharmaceutical firms.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):39-44
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Combined Pharmacological Correction of Experimental Frostbite

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Relevance Increased knowledge of the pathogenesis of frostbite and new pharmacological agents make it possible to improve the treatment results of local cold injury. This can be achieved, in particular, through the introduction of drug combination - the selective agonist of the delta-opioid receptors (DSLET) and the serotonergic agent (serotonin adipinate) which possesses analgesic, immunomodulatory, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

The purpose of the study To investigate the effect of combined pharmacological treatment by DSLET and serotonin adipinate in experimental local frostbite.

Materials and methods The study was conducted on 200 male Wistar rats. The local frostbite was inflicted with a preliminary cooled in liquid nitrogen metal plummet size 3.5-3.0 cm pressing against the shaved skin of the back during 3 min. Alongside with the standard antibiotic therapy (control) animals of the experimental groups were treated DSLET (10 mkg/kg intra-peritoneally (IP), serotonin adipinate (4.5 mg/kg IP) or its combination in indicated doses. Using the method of laser Doppler flowmetry the level of microcirculation was assessed as well as the biochemical changes in serum (malondialdehyde (MDA), interleukin-6 (IL-6), tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase) in all animals at 1, 3, 7 and 14 days after cold injury.

Results and their discussion The model of local frostbite in control group resulted in reduction of microcirculation in necrosis boundary area at 1, 3, 7 and 14 days compared to the intact animals. The local frostbite injury induced oxidative stress and inflammation that were confirmed by typical dynamics of serum biochemical markers of non-treated rats while the significant increase the concentration of MDA, IL-6, TNF-α and decrease SOD activity were recognized. Also compensatory enhancement of catalase activity – one of the major antioxidant enzymes was observed. As well additional administration of drug combination DSLET (10 mkg/kg) with serotonin adipinate (4.5 mg/kg) to antibacterial treatment by cefotaxime in dose 0.085 g/kg increased the microcirculation by 27.2% compared to the non-treated group (р<0.05) at day 14 after damage due to frostbite injury in rats. A curative beneficial effect caused by combined pharmacological treatment of local frostbite was also confirmed by decrease of MDA concentration and pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-6 level at 1, 3, 5 and 7 days and by enhance of catalase and SOD activities at day 7 and 14 following experimentally induced frostbite.

Conclusion Compared to monotherapy, combined usage of DSLET and serotonin adipinate provides a better pharmacological treatment efficiency in experimental model of local frostbite.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):45-50
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Application of Biodegraded Polymers for Replacement of Bone Cavities at Chronic Osteomyelitis

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Relevance The problem of the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis is the focus of surgeons and traumatologists and does not lose its relevance over the years.  Interest is the biodegradable  polymers of microbial origil– polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), which have compatibility with the animal tissues, high mechanical strength, which makes them promising materials for use in medicine.

The purpose of the study An experimental basis for the use of biopolymers - PGA - in the treatment of chronic osteomyelitis.

Materials and methods The study included 60 males- rabbits of Chinchilla breed.  A bone defect in the first study group completed filling powder from the PGA, the second - the implant, based on PGA and antibacterial drug of carbapenem antibiotic group (thienam) combined 10:1, in the comparison group – autogenous bone (bone autotrasplantant). Removal of animals from the experimental and collection of  the material was carried out on 30 th, 90 th day of  the observation. We evaluated clinical parameters, Х-ray pictures, microbiological and morphological results.

Results and their discussion When plastic osteomyelitic cavity filling material PGA restore the functional properties of the operated lower limbs was happening 1.2 times faster than in the comparison group. Radiographically proven that the use of the material structure of the PGA restoration of bone tissue and the defect occurred in the second study group. Morphogenesis of reparative processes after plastic PGA characterized restoration of anatomic and functional integrity of the bone to the 90 th day.

Conclusion The results allow us to recommend the PGA as osteoplastic material for reconstruction of bone defects and  require further study.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):51-57
pages 51-57 views

Function of Kidneys and Urinary Tract in Patients with Ileal Ureter



Relevance Treatment of patients with extended ureteral strictures remains the important problem of reconstructive urology. Intestinal ureteral substitution is the operation of choice and reliable last resort in such patients. However the main for the surgeon criteria of efficiency of treatment – the long-term results, are studied insufficiently.

The purpose of the study To evaluate the function of kidneys and upper urinary tract in 47 patients, underwent ureteral substitutions with ileum.

Materials and methods From 2001 to 2012 47 patients underwent ileal ureter replacement. There were 34 women and 13 men with a median age of 46,3±9,3 years (range from 18 to 69 years). In 33 (70,2%) cases ureteral defects were unilateral, and in 14 (29,8%) bilateral. The main causes of ureteral strictures were: retroperitoneal fibrosis following radiation therapy, colorectal and gynecological cancer surgery. Results and their discussion The follow up period was from 3 months up to 11 years (mean 6,8±1,2 years). Postoperative complications developed in 7 (14,9%) cases. Short-term complications  occurred in 6 (12,8%) patients and late complication – stricture of ileal graft anastomosis developed in 1 patient (2,1%). Thus, the complications which have required surgical treatment occurred at 3 (6,4%) patients.

The results of all operations were successful. According to all patients the renal function was restored.

Conclusion Intestinal ureteral substitution is a efficacious procedure and reliable last resort in patients with extended ureteral strictures.  This operation is an alternative intervention to nephrectomy. It provides good long-term functional results and allows to preserve the kidney function.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):58-62
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A New Method of Colorectal Anastomosis Formation with Resection of the Rectum in the Experiment and Clinic

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Relevance Finding reliable methods is forming colorectal anastomosis actual problem of modern Coloproctology because the failure them reaches 69%. Development and application of compression-ligature methods is forming colorectal anastomosis, the most priority. Results of experimental and clinical studies have shown that compression-ligature suture is not traumatic, provides a high degree of reliability and hermetic through the compression effect, prevents infection in crosslinkable tissue, minimal inflammation and smooth wound healing anastomosis.

The purpose of the study The development, experimental and clinical approbation and the evaluation of the original method forming colorectal anastomosis on the transanal drainage.

Materials and methods The approbation of the developed method in the experiment performed on 20 white laboratory rats. The basis of the clinical section of the included 20 patients aged 41 to 74 years, with both tumor and non-tumor diseases of the colon and rectum, the operation which complete the formation of compression-ligature colorectal anastomosis on the transanal drainage.

Results and their discussion Full restoration of motility of the gastrointestinal tract occurred to 9 days after surgery. The intubation drainage and drainage of the abdominal cavity removed from 12 to14 days. Anastomosis failure and death was not. All patients discharged from the hospital from 15 to 22 days. At 30 days after surgery performed colonoscopy with polyfocal biopsy. The healing of anastomosis first intention in all cases. Histomorphological dissection of anastomosis in the experiment showed that in the anastomosis formed by our method, in all cases alterative and exudative phase of inflammation is minimal. By the fifth day after surgery identified process of regeneration, and by the tenth day identified process of scarring in all layers of the intestinal wall. With increasing periods of postoperative period marked the gradual formation of young connective tissue, other tissue replacement.

Conclusion The developed method allows you to create reliable compression colorectal anastomosis on the transanal drainage in limited pelvis space without regard to its anatomical features, diameters and wall thicknesses of bound segments intestine. The atraumatic of method and high impermeability of compression suture, as well as lack of foreign material in the lumen of the intestine after the removal of the intubation drainage ensures minimal inflammation in the tissue and smooth anastomosis healing.


Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):63-69
pages 63-69 views

Laparoscopic Bioimpedacemetry of the Liver

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Relevance Measurement of electric impedance could be an informative diagnostic method, permitting to clarify the functional reserve of the liver in patients who are scheduled to undergone liver resection.

The purpose of the study To work out the methodology of laparoscopic bioimpedancemetry of the liver. 

Materials and methods Laparoscopic biompedancemetry (LBIM) performed to 42 patients during planned cholecystectomy (n=23), liver cyst fenestration (n=3), liver resection combined with radiofrequent ablation of colorectal metastases (n=3), nephrectomy (n=4), diagnostic laparoscopy (n=9). Bioimpedancemetry (BIM) performed with bipolar needle electrodes and the original device for measurement of full electric impedance of biological tissues "BIM II" (patent of Russian Federation № 2366360). The value of electric impedance determined in one zone of the electrode injection in series on three frequencies - 2 kHz, 10 kHz, 20 kHz.

Results and their discussion When analyzing the results of the study valid differences were noticed between the electric impedance of intact liver and the liver with cirrhotic and metastatic changes.

Conclusion LBIM of the liver is available, safe and informative diagnostic method, which permits to clarify the functional condition of the liver. The results of LBIM could be useful in planning of major liver resections and prediction of outcome of surgical treatment of patients with liver pathology

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):70-73
pages 70-73 views

Diagnostic Tactics in Acute Destructive Pancreatitis

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Relevance Acute destructive pancreatitis is one of the most serious diseases in emergency abdominal surgery. In Russia, in recent years there is a high incidence of acute pancreatitis (20-80 cases per 100,000 population). In a large proportion of patients (1530%) destructive forms of acute pancreatitis are registered. They are accompanied by development of septic and complications. In necrotizing pancreatitis a high mortality rate is registered – up to 25-40%, in cases accompanied by septic and systemic complications – up to 82%. The key aspects in management planning of patients with acute pancreatitis are to determine the severity of the pathological process, and the prediction of its further course, the probability of destructive forms and septic complications.

The purpose of the study The goals of the study – analysis of the results of the treatment of patients with acute destructive pancreatitis hospitalized in the surgical departments of Clinical Emergency Hospital in Smolensk

Materials and methods The diagnostic tactics in acute destructive pancreatitis at 129 patients hospitalized in Smolensk Clinical hospital of emergency medical service during the period 2008-2012 has been analysed. Used the data of clinical, laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation. Additionally, data of liver biopsy histological morphometric and immunohistochemical studies with the help of software system «Videotest 4.0» was used in 30 patients.

Results and their discussion Standard diagnostic methods for treatment control and identification of  demanding operation complications efficiency has been defined. On the material of liver biopsy specimens of 30 patients with necrotizing pancreatitis the relative square of macrophages and periportal B-lymphocytes was investigated. The relative square of macrophages in a sterile phase of acute destructive pancreatitis accepted values from 0,89 to 2,95 %, in a septic phase – from 4,34  to 9,52 %. The relative square taken by periportal B-lymphocytes in a micropreparation in sterile pancreonecrosis varied from 0,4 to 1,14 %, in a septic phase – from 1,41  to 4,98 %.

Conclusion The use of scales Ranson and APACHE II is not possible in all cases of destructive pancreatitis in hospitals of general surgery. Possibility of liver bioptates morphometry use with research of mentioned parameters as objective criteria for septic phase verification and treatment tactics correction, including operations, has been proved.

Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):74-79
pages 74-79 views

Miniinvasive Treatment of Chronic Anal Fissure with Intrasfinkteral Injection Type A Botulinum Toxin

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Relevance Anal fissure is one of the most common diseases of the anorectal area. The percentage of anal fissures among the diseases of the colon constitutes 11-15% and the morbidity rate varies from 20 to 23 people per 1000 adults.

The purpose of the study To evaluate the effectiveness of the intra-sphincter injection of botulinum toxin of type A (a drug "Lantoks") in the minimally invasive treatment of the patients with chronic anal fissure.

Materials and methods Results of treatment of 118 patients (67 women and 51 men) with chronic anal fissure were analyzed. Evaluation of the intensity of pain syndrome was performed using a visual analog scale. For functional studies of the closing apparatus of the rectum, a system for perfusion manometry "Polygram" was used before the treatment and on the 21st day after the injection of the drug into the area of   the internal anal sphincter.

Results and their discussion According to the data of anorectal profilometry, indicator of both maximal and average pressure in the anal canal at the level of the internal sphincter at rest in patients decreased to normal values. In no case injection of the drug caused anal disease. For the year of observation relapses of chronic anal fissure in patients receiving the drug was not noted. Side effects and complications associated with the use of the drug was also not observed.

Conclusion "Lantoks" is an effective and safe drug for minimally invasive outpatient treatment for patients with chronic anal fissures and minimizes the indications for open surgery.


Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):80-85
pages 80-85 views

Clinical Supervision of the Restrained Hernia of the Obturator Channel

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Relevance Obturator hernias in a surgical practice meet extremely seldom. In a world practice it is described only 600 cases of hernias obturator apertures. Hernias obturator the channel make 0,05 % of hernias of a belly wall. To diagnose obturatoria a hernia very inconveniently. Being complex diagnostic cases, hernias obturator the channel come to light at a stage of complications and are accompanied high death rate. Death rate at the given pathology makes from 12 % up to 70 %, with postoperative complications in 11,6 % cases. The greatest supervision of the given pathology the Japanese colleagues have.

Materials and methods The review of the literature and one author’s supervision of a hernia obturator the channel Is presented. The analyzed clinical material confirms, that owing to rare occurrence and scarcity of clinical displays obturatoria the hernia is a complex diagnostic case. The final diagnosis has been established during operative intervention, executed resexshin eunae.  Lean gut with imposing anastomosis, but in the early postoperative period on a background of depression hemodynamic there has come a lethal outcome.

Conclusion Obturator hernias in view of rare occurrence and scarcity of clinical displays are complex diagnostic cases. The knowledge of symptoms characteristic for the given pathology, including HRS a symptom and use of a computer tomography of a stomach and a basin has extremely great value, in many respects defining an outcome of disease.


Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):86-89
pages 86-89 views

Acute Adrenal Insufficiency in the Acute Intestinal Obstruction

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Acute small bowel obstruction (SBO), remains one of the difficult and unresolved problems in the emergency room. It is actually a collection of different pathological aggregate united by a common feature - impaired patency of the intestinal tube. At all stages of small bowel obstruction, along with the progression of symptoms caused by impaired barrier function of the intestinal wall, are inherent clinical symptoms involved in this common suffering organs and systems. A number of clinical manifestations of small bowel obstruction has similar symptoms to one of the most serious, life-threatening complications in their patient's endocrine disorders - acute adrenal insufficiency (AAI). In search of the causes of deviations performance of vital organs and systems in the small bowel obstruction, will not receive a full, without study of morphological and functional changes involved in the process of organs and systems, including the adrenal glands. Opportunity to examine these issues can only provide an experimental study of morphological and functional adrenal gland in the dynamics of small bowel obstruction.
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):90-99
pages 90-99 views

Necrotizing Pancreatitis: the Basic Pathways of Cell Death and Its Possible Clinical Value

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The basic pathways of cell death in acute pancreatitis are reviewed. The variants of apoptosis and its phases are analyzed. The value of cell death receptor complex is estimated. The role of caspases and other molecular regulation structures are defined. The value of necrosis and apoptosis in severe acute pancreatitis is measured. Is showed than both processes are dependent on intercellular and intracellular signals, ATP level and expression of regulator proteins. The protective impact of caspase cascade to the cell necrosis is underlined. Data about negative prognostic value of necrosis and positive influence of apoptosis in context of cell death type in severe acute pancreatitis are reflected. The particularity of autophagy and its variants are presented. The morphological changes of pancreatocytes are described. Based on the analysis of publications the authors conclude that the processes responsible for the death of cells are multicomponent, have different levels of regulation and in some cases are linked by common factors of molecular level. Development of medical treatment methods aimed at blocking any single mechanism cannot produce the desired effect. The possible prospects based on fundamental researches aimed at altering the expression of regulatory genes related to inflammation, apoptosis, and necrosis.
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):100-106
pages 100-106 views

Treatment of Chronic Cystitis in Children

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Chronic inflammatory processes of the urinary bladder’s wall dominate in the structure of urologic diseases in children, but the issue of their treatment still remains very acute. Despite the use of modern methods of treatment, children with chronic recurrent cystitis constitute a significant part of the total number of hospitalized patients (19 to 21%). In recent years quite many morphological studies of the bladder’s mucosa during inflammatory diseases were held. However, the mechanism that leads to the damage of the urothelium in chronic cystitis and factor that determines the type of metaplasia during inflammation of the bladder are unclear. Endoscopic examination, in some cases, does not allow differentiating inflammatory from tumor-like lesions of the mucosa. Destructive lesions of the bladder’s mucosa occur during exacerbation of chronic inflammation or severe, far gone acute inflammation. Therefore, conducting endovesical biopsy is necessary for clarifying forms of chronic cystitis and identifying urothelial hyperplasia or dysplasia and is critical in the diagnosis of diseases of the urinary bladder. It is still unclear under what endoscopic and morphological forms of recurrent cystitis in children neurogenic bladder disorders are more frequent and for what form of recurrent cystitis most pronounced neurogenic bladder dysfunctions are more likely to occur. The nature and extent of neurogenic disorders in children with various forms of recurrent cystitis in the late periods after antireflux surgeries remain unexplored.
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):107-113
pages 107-113 views

Facilities of Drainage Abdominal Cavity in Case the Peritonitis

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Возможности дренирования брюшной полости при перитоните
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):114-117
pages 114-117 views

To Discuss the Article Yu.L.Shevchenko et al. "On the Drainage of the Abdominal Cavity in Peritonitis"



To Discuss the Article Yu.L.Shevchenko et al. "On the Drainage of the Abdominal Cavity in Peritonitis"
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):118
pages 118 views

Хирург, ученый, Педагог (к 65-летию со дня рождения Винника Юрия Семеновича)



Хирург, ученый, Педагог (к 65-летию со дня рождения Винника Юрия Семеновича)
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):119-120
pages 119-120 views

Лаврова Татьяна Федоровна (к 100-летию со дня рождения)



Лаврова Татьяна Федоровна (к 100-летию со дня рождения)
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):121-122
pages 121-122 views

Резолюция XIX Международного Конгресса хирургов-гепатологов России и стран СНГ «Актуальные проблемы хирургической гепатологии» Иркутск 19–21 сентября 2012 г. «Внепеченочная портальная гипертензия (диагностика и хирургическая тактика)»



Резолюция XIX Международного Конгресса хирургов-гепатологов  России и стран СНГ «Актуальные проблемы хирургической  гепатологии» Иркутск 19–21 сентября 2012 г. «Внепеченочная портальная гипертензия  (диагностика и хирургическая тактика)»
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):123-126
pages 123-126 views

Научно-практическая конференция врачей России с международным участием «VII Успенские чтения»



Научно-практическая конференция врачей России  с международным участием «VII Успенские чтения»
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Surgery. 2013;6(1):127-130
pages 127-130 views

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